“True load bearing Equine Imaging for the standing and moving patient”


Four Dimensional Digital Imaging for Equines

4DDI  was formed as a “An innovative company in Imaging and Medical Devices Markets”. The founders of the company have extensive international experience in research, development and management of new technologies and are building a world-class  organization  while changing the  way imaging products are designed and operated. Central mantras of 4DDI are: 1. DYNAMIC ACCURACY MATTERS; 2. SAFE IMAGING FOR ALL; and 3. FAST ADOPTING PERSONALIZED MEDICINE FOR LESS; underlined by cost containment offerings for every type of practice or Hospital. The company expanded its network  (main offices are located in  New York NY) with  facilities including the  Software and Hardware development Laboratories, clinical sites, regulatory and quality control locations, user groups, marketing and sales groups around the world.  4DDI has developed, patented, licensed and productized imaging products related especially to the diagnostic, surgical planning and intervention radiography markets.

Today and Tomorrow

4DDI and the future of imaging

Change is inevitable but progress is optional. Today 4DDI is the first true integrator of stereotactic robotics-driven control of scanning geometry in imaging.

This technological platform leveraging has introduced a new paradigm in the way imaging can be performed for a multitude of modalities…it also started a new business path never walked before.

What is the limit? Our and your imagination!

Where is 4DDI heading tomorrow?  Improving image quality, device cost and scanning logistics using automation as the fundamental drive behind rethinking IMAGING!


4DDI @ RSNA 2015

4DDI @ RSNA 2015